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Standard 5: Fundraising

Conduct an analysis of provincial and federal charitable fundraising laws and register where the land trust determines it is appropriate. Land trusts conduct fundraising activities in a lawful, ethical and responsible manner. Raising money through philanthropy and fundraising activities is a critical and ongoing activity for every active land trust. Philanthropy is a voluntary gift eligible for a tax receipt. Fundraising activities generally include some type of benefit to the supporter such as at a special event, lottery or gaming, for which no receipt may be issued. Land trusts should approach fundraising as a way to build longtime supporters and friends of their conservation mission. Charitable solicitations and fundraising activities should be undertaken not only with an eye toward meeting short-term needs, but also with an understanding of how philanthropy and fundraising practices affect the long-term credibility of the land trust. A good source of charitable giving standards is Imagine Canada, an organization formed in 2004 with the joining of the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy (CCP) and the Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations (NVO).