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D. Non-conservation Real Property for Resale

  • When acquiring non-conservation real property with the intent of selling it to advance the land trust’s mission:
    • Obtain a written acknowledgment from any donor of the land trust’s intent to sell before accepting the property.
    • Follow applicable transaction policies and procedures.
    • Maintain the property while in the land trust’s ownership in a manner that retains the land trust’s public credibility, manages community expectations and minimizes risk.


Prior to entering into an agreement to allow commercial entities to use the land trust’s logo, name or properties, the land trust determines that these agreements will not impair the credibility of the land trust. The land trust and commercial entity publicly discloses how the land trust benefits from the sale of the commercial entity’s products or services.

Occasionally, a land trust may enter into a marketing agreement that allows the organization’s name, land or logo to be used by a commercial entity in return for financial support (for instance, when a land trust’s logo is used on a commercial product and a portion of the income from the sale of that product is then given to the land trust). This practice suggests that these agreements be approached cautiously, that the activity not impair the credibility of the land trust and that any financial benefit to the land trust be clearly disclosed to the public.