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E. Staff

  • Have a written job description for each staff member and conduct periodic performance reviews.
  • Document the lines of authority, communication and responsibility between board and staff.
  • Ensure staff have appropriate training and experience for their responsibilities and/or opportunities to gain the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • Adopt written personnel policies that conform to provincial and federal laws.
  • Provide fair and equitable compensation and benefits.


Staff help provide organizations with capacity to take on certain projects and with specific technical skills. When hiring staff, written job descriptions are important. The process of writing a job description helps evaluate whether the duties assigned to that person are reasonable. Job descriptions protect employees, outlining what is expected of them and providing a basis for evaluation. Likewise, a job description protects the organization by making sure that the responsibilities are not disputed. Key staff should periodically document the processes they use to carry out their responsibilities and the lessons they have learned in developing or implementing programs. This documentation helps organizations learn and grow, and makes transitions to new staff easier.